European Reanalysis of Global Climate Observations

ERA-CLIM2 project activities are organised in six scientific work packages:

  • WP1 - Global 20th century reanalysis
  • WP2 - Future coupling methods
  • WP3 - Earth system observations
  • WP4 - Quantifying and reducing uncertainties
  • WP5 - Service developments
  • WP6 - Dissemination and outreach

with additional work packages for management and coordination among the five FP7 projects.

WP1 - Global 20th century reanalysis

Two types of reanalyses will be produced using the ECMWF coupled assimilation system: an extended climate reanalysis of the 20th century at moderate resolution (CERA-20C), and a higher-resolution reanalysis of the satellite era suitable for near-real time climate monitoring (CERA-SAT). Consistent estimates of the carbon cycle will be produced for both sets of products. Ensemble techniques will be used in reanalysis production to support uncertainty assessments. All input observations and associated quality feedback information will be provided to users via the ERA-CLIM Observation Feedback

WP2 - Future coupling methods

Research and development in coupled data assimilation for climate reanalysis will be conducted, targeted for implementation in ECMWF coupled assimilation system. This includes work on improving the use of surface observations in coupled data assimilation, on improving various aspects of the ocean analysis component, on improving the carbon component of a coupled earth system reanalysis, and longer term research toward fully coupled data assimilation.

WP3 - Earth system observations

Major work on recovery and preparation of input observations for climate reanalysis will take place in this work package. Activities in satellite data rescue, reprocessing and recalibration, will contribute to improvement of the satellite record and its extension back to the 1960’s. In-situ data rescue activities started in ERA-CLIM will be continued and expanded. Work on improving the input data sets needed to constrain sea-surface temperature, sea-ice, and snow cover will be included.

Figure: Global in-situ data rescue activities to be conducted in ERA-CLIM2

WP4 - Quantifying and reducing uncertainties

Goals for this work package include making optimal use of observations in reanalysis, and providing end users with meaningful information about uncertainties in reanalysis products. This involves a range of activities, including quality control and error estimation for input observations, work on bias correction and homogenisation of data records, and various quality assessment of reanalysis products based on independent observations and comparisons with other reanalyses and high-level observational products.

WP5 - Service developments

This work package addresses development of efficient and sustainable data and web services that are essential to the provision of full and open access to the data and information products developed in the project.

WP6 - Dissemination and outreach

This work package is concerned with ensuring effective dissemination of project products (data, graphics, and reports) and with facilitating the uptake of these products by future end users of climate data.

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