European Reananlysis of the Global Climate System

February 2014

Final scientific report for ERA-CLIM

Scientific reporting for ERA-CLIM was completed with the submission of a summary of scientific outcomes, available here.

September 2013

Third ERA-CLIM General Assembly held in Reading at EMS2013

Our third and final General Assembly was organised to coincide with the 13th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS2013) held at the University of Reading from 9-13 September 2013. EMS2103 included an ERA-CLIM Programme Group with four sessions corresponding to the four main scientific work packages of the project. The ERA-CLIM sessions were open to all EMS2013 participants and receievd a great deal of attention from a broad audience.

December 2012

Second ERA-CLIM General Assembly held in Toulouse

The second General Assembly for the ERA-CLIM project was held at Météo-France in Toulouse on 26-27 November. The meeting was followed by a 3-day ACRE workshop held at the same location.   

August 2012

ERA-CLIM features in digital magazine International Innovation

A short feature on the ERA-CLIM project has been published on-line in the digital magazine International Innovation. A copy of the article is available here.

May 2012

Strong ERA-CLIM presence at the 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis

Contributions from the ERA-CLIM project were highly visible at the 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis, held in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA on 7-11 May 2012. This major conference, which takes place every 3-4 years on average, brings together many producers and users of reanalysis data products.  The programme, presentations and poster contributions, and outcome of a panel discussion can be found on the conference website.

April 2012

ERA-CLIM WP4 Workshop on Observation Errors held in Vienna

A 2-day workshop was held at the University of Vienna on 19-20 April 2012. There was lively discussion of methods and approaches for the estimation of observational uncertainties. In addition, progress toward the WP4 deliverables was discussed. A summary of the workshop is contained in this report.

January 2012

Chile formally joins the ERA-CLIM consortium

One year after the start of the project, the administrative delays in formalising the participation of a Chilean partner have finally been resolved. The preservation of a very large number of unique and highly valuable observations held at various institutions in Chile is now secure. The Chilean data rescue efforts within ERA-CLIM will be coordinated by the Universidad del Pacifico in Santiago, Chile.

December 2011

First ERA-CLIM General Assembly held in Lisbon

A highly successful first annual General Assembly for the ERA-CLIM project, graciously hosted by FFCUL in Lisbon on 15–16 December 2011, marked the end of the first year of the project. All members of the project's Advisory Board were present at the meeting. This was an opportunity for ERA-CLIM participants to present and discuss the work done so far, and to answer questions and take advice from the Advisory Board. The meeting was very succesful and inspirational to all present. A brief report on the meeting was published in ECMWF Newsletter No. 130, pp. 12-13, available here.

October 2011

Presentation of ERA-CLIM at the WCRP Open Science Conference

An invited presentation on the role of reanalysis in climate science, including future contributions of the ERA-CLIM project, was given at the WCRP Open Science Conference, held on 24-28 September 2011 in Denver. The presentation is available at this location on the conference website.

September 2011

ERA-CLIM joins EURO4M at the 4th ACRE Workshop at KNMI

The 4th ACRE Workshop held on 21-23 September at KNMI, Netherlands, was organised jointly with the ERA-CLIM and EURO4M projects. Detailed information about the meeting, including minutes and presentations, is available on the EURO4M website at this location.

June 2011

Appointment of the ERA-CLIM Advisory Board

We are happy to report that the following have agreed to serve on the ERA-CLIM advisory board:

  • Phil Jones (University of East Anglia, UK)
  • Michele Rienecker (NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, USA)
  • Mark Serreze (National Snow and Ice Data Center, USA)
  • Sakari Uppala (ex-ECMWF, Finland)
  • Robert Vautard (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, France)

The first meeting of the advisory board will coincide with the first annual ERA-CLIM General Assembly, to take place in Lisbon in December 2011.

ERA-CLIM at the GMES and Climate Change Conference

An overview of the ERA-CLIM project was presented at the conference GMES and Climate Change, held on 16 and 17 of June 2011 at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki. The purpose of the conference was to review the scope and user requirements for a future GMES Climate Service, and to discuss various activities related to climate change monitoring that are currently available in Europe.

The programme and presentations for the conference are available here.

April 2011

ERA-CLIM WP1 Coordination Meeting held at Univ. Bern

A very fruitful one-day workshop was held in Bern on 12 April 2011, to coordinate the data recovery and digitisation work to be done in work package 1. A web tool for managing digitisation projects was presented by the organisers, and many practical details of the work were discussed among the participants.

February 2011

ERA-CLIM Kick-Off Meeting held at ECMWF

The official kick-off meeting for the ERA-CLIM project took place at ECMWF in Reading, UK on 16 February 2011. Representatives from eight institutions comprising the ERA-CLIM consortium were present at the meeting.