European Reananlysis of the Global Climate System
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The ERA-CLIM2 workshop on Observations for Earth System Reanalysis took place during the Copernicus Workshop on Climate Observation Requirements held 29 June – 2 July 2015 at ECMWF. This important meeting generated a great deal of attention for the project and its key role in the implementation of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). The meeting was very well attended, including many members of the WCRP Data Advisory Committee, as well as several participants to a separate one-day meeting held at ECMWF on the use of reference observations in numerical weather prediction and reanalysis, organized by the UK Royal Meteorological Society. 

Welcome to the ERA-CLIM2 project

The core objective of ERA-CLIM2 project is to apply and extend current global reanalysis capability in Europe, to meet the challenging requirements for climate monitoring, climate research, and the development of climate services.

ERA-CLIM2 is a 3-year project which exploits, strengthens and consolidates the work begun in the FP7 ERA-CLIM project, which ended December 2013. This project will achieve a considerable expansion of scope from the atmospheric and land-surface domains to include coupling with other major components of the climate system.

Content of the previous ERA-CLIM project website is archived here.